Note: If the game crashes and you're using chrome, try cleaning your cache, using another browser such as Firefox, or downloading the stand alone version.

Endurance is an old school dungeon crawler in the vain of Avatar, and Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol.

You create a party, and explore the dungeons below, collecting loot and discovering new and dangerous monsters.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please email me at admin[at]

Some quick Questions

When will the game be released?

Not sure, but I hope to have a playable demo / beta available by the end of August.

How much will it cost when it's finished?

Undecided. I might just release it with adds with a pay to remove option. Either way the first 3 levels will be free.

What platforms will you release on?

Endurance will initially be released on Windows, OSX, and Web. I also have a version running on tablets, but it requires a bit more optimization. (most of the testing has been done on an iPad.)

During the open beta I'll just be releasing Windows and Web versions.

Follow the development progress at IndieDB


Install instructions

To play just download and run the installer.


Endurance Beta2 (Win).exe 66 MB
Endurance Beta2p1 (Win).exe 72 MB